Experience a rollercoaster of emotions as you view visuals with music and messages that were submitted to Rekindle Radio; A project Created and Curated by Artist Celica Ledesma with contributions and submissions from participants.

Rekindle Radio Spotify Playlist: https://open.spotify.com/playlist/2JAQM4R8Lm1QJioS4xyA98?si=hek4GTD6RqKKU80dxhuQsQ​


​To E from Anonymous 0:11 
To KW from RP 3:10
To K from Allie 8:30
To A Girl from Anonymous 13:10
To Manuel from Anonymous 16:36
To the Boys & Girls from Anonymous 21:55
To Father from NK 24:50
To Antho from Diana 28:34
To Cairo from Cleo 35:20

To Bobby from Taylor 44:15 
To My Sisters from Tafari 47:58
To Rebecca from Anonymous 51:15
To Mom from Leslie 54:48
To Sean from Anonymous 58:26
To OD from Anonymous  01:01:55
To Michael from Anonymous 01:05:33
To An Old Friend from Mari 01:09:40
To Peaches from Bootney Lee Farnsworth 01:13:03
To Brendon from An Old Friend 01:16:33
To Paul from Your Wife Kim 01:22:30

THANK YOUS 01:27:05

  Welcome to Rekindle Radio

Inspired by all the lost relationships, misunderstandings, fiery debates, and miscommunications that sparked all throughout 2020 there have been signs of collective introspection, "cutting off" sprees, and regrets. It is pretty difficult dealing with losing someone you care about due to discourse and it hurts a lot more when it's least expected. You may go days rethinking and over analyzing what went wrong and what could have been done differently. We may have let our egos get the best of us or told ourselves that there was no point in trying to fix what was there or have further discussion of what was important to you or the other. The reason I created Rekindle Radio was to present a chance for you to tell that someone how you truly feel about them. Whether you felt like you never got your point across to them, wish to take things back, felt misunderstood, or simply just missed having them in your life; I give you this form to tell them whatever you want because life is too short to dwell on the past.


You can enter your name or be anonymous but the only thing I require is your message (IT CAN BE AS LONG AS YOU WANT), the recipient's name, and a song that reminds you of either them or your time with them. After submitting, a Spotify playlist will be created with all the songs that were collected. Before December 11th 2020 a video of all the songs and messages will be displayed on my Youtube channel and I will email you a link to the playlist and the video.

I will also display your timestamp within the discription box. After this project is completed not only will you get credit for participating in the Artwork but you will have to carry out the next step to finalize the Rekindling.

You have the options to:

1.) Send the Youtube link and timestamp to the person your message is for.

2.) Include their email or social media in your message and I will send them the link myself.

3.) You can share The Rekindle Spotify Playlist or The Youtube Video with others.

4.) You can decide to not send it at all and hope that this sweet release made you feel better.

​​Now that you have read the rules and completed the form please share this webpage with anyone else you feel would be interested. 

Thank you for Participating!